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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  February 1, 2018 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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first sold car coverage 120 years ago today. should news break out, we'll break in. breaking news changes everything. "your world" with neil cavuto starts now. >> neil: tomorrow we will all know. the memo will be out and the great constitutional debate might be settled or just starting up. welcome. i'm neil cavuto. fox on top of a battle royale over the release of something the fbi director said would not be a good idea. the president thinks otherwise. tomorrow we'll get to see for ourselves what the fuss is about, whether any parts of it will be redacted, collected, cleaned up. i don't know. i can tell you quickly before we get to blake burman at the white house, wall street doesn't seem to car. more on that in a second. now to blake burman with more. >> president trump has read this memo. he is according to sources expected to declassify it. what would happen after that, it
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would be sent back to the hill to the house intelligence committee and they would make this public for all to see. we're led to believe as soon as tomorrow morning. the president earlier today, he went over to the congressional retreat in west virginia to address republicans there. he did not comment on this memo or on his thinking at all. but the house speaker, paul ryan, said it does serve a purpose. >> shepard: what it is, it's the congress' legitimate function of oversight to make sure the fisa process is being used correctly and if it wasn't being used correctly, that needs to come to light and people need to be held accountable. >> shepard: however, the fbi has said they have grave concerns with the memo. the fbi agent's association. in fact, publicly back the fbi head, chris wray and the top democrat on the house intelligence committee says that this memo is being used to target the fbi and the department of justice. >> this memo is really a spin
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designed to tar the fbi and tar the department of justice. >> neil, as you know, this has been highly political, a debate back and forth starting last night among democrats and republicans about the wording that was changed. nancy pelosi called for the intel committee chairman devin nunes to be removed. paul ryaned ask about it and he said it's getting political and he thinks the democrats are trying to distract. neil? >> neil: do we know whether republicans are opening to releasing the democratic memo to that memo? >> depends who you ask. there's some that have come forward and say hey, look, if you're going to release this republican memo put forth by the house intelligence committee, which is run by -- headed by republicans, put forward democratic memo, which democrats earlier this week said they want to put this forward. it's a depend on who you ask
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kind of scenario. if you put one forward, put the other one and democrats would have a different take on the whole thing. >> neil: that is the way that politics thing goes. thanks, blake. certainly democrats are mighty upset about this and the release of this memo. it's coming. but again, everything has its moment. remember when they weren't too happy about the fbi themselves? let's go back in time. >> when the director of the fbi, mr. comey, released that letter two fridays ago, he became the leading republican political opportunist in the country. >> i was appalled by what director comey did. >> wittingly or unwittingly, what he did is wrong. >> he owes not only secretary clinton but the american people an explanation for what appears to be an appalling action. >> so this is like a molotov cocktail thrown into a very
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explosive arena. >> neil: wait a minute. what's going on here? lisa is here with us and mike baker. i know politics. i know how this game works. the faux rage is too much here. >> it is. we're seeing both sides. the fbi is apolitical. but all of the challenges are coming from a political angle. it's something that the american people don't want to see. but it's something that keeps getting highlights. the democrats want to challenge the fbi when it's good for them. now the dems wants to challenge the gop doing their work. and now is it under the guidance of the law? we have a right to question it. certainly under comey, i think that the integrity of the fbi has been challenged. >> neil: and i think and i think mike, you've been on this before
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talking about these are great institutions, sound institutions, populated by men and women that put their lives on the line for our protection and for our good. i don't doubt that. but this idea that it would be a bad idea to reveal potential biases for a potential dan can it, whether it's a democrat or the republican in the full light of day, have at it. debate it. go at it. what do you think? >> absolutely. i have a long history of speaking out in protecting sources and information. it's necessary. but that's not what we're talking about here. we're talking about what has been side a very highly political situation. you know, both sides are guilty. republicans and democrats. they're both guilty of, you know, either lionizing the bureau or demonizing them based on their own political self-interests. one, what they should be doing,
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release the memo, release the democrat's memo and get the inspector general and the doj in a publicized opportunity to explain the context. because the other part of this is nobody should be under the impression when they release this memo that somehow it's going to resolve anything. both sides are going to continue to pick and choose whatever satisfies their own particular belief and argument at the time. so what we need is context and further explanation. the memo is going to further muddy the waters. there's going to have to be a concerted effort and the inspector generals from the fbi and the doj are in the ideal positions to then sit down and in a very as transparent as possible without jeopardize sources and methods and national security, explain to the american people so that we can set this aside. they have to have belief in these institutions. >> neil: one of the things that's come up here, the
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president is in favor of releasing this memo as a way to discredit the russia probe and there's others that argue that something like this would at least indicate bias on the part of an organization that had it out for him early on. i don't know if that is true or not or even the fact that the president endorses discrediting the fbi period. it does call in to question whether we should question institutions. we have a very rich robust past of, you know, questioning the information we've gotten out of institutions that might have misled us. the pentagon at the time of the vietnam war and the release of the pentagon papers. many of the media championing that and those that were concerned on both sides of the aisle about exaggerated body counts and the rest. what do you make of that? >> we have a right to challenge any agency. it's not the agency itself in this case. we're challenging how they carried out their specific task of getting, you know, fisa court
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warrants. of course we can challenge that. the integrity of the agency is something that americans have to feel comfortable with. the other thing i want to say, i don't necessarily agree that the ten-page rebuttal should be displayed publicly. i do agree that the memo should go out. that memo was prepared and that memo was part of the house intelligence committee, viewing a memo and coming up with their resolution. their rebuttal is in fact a rebuttal. it's a ten-page document that was prepared after the notion that it could be made public was to come out in order to rebut the conclusions of this committee. i think we need to see the memo from the committee. that memo was the resolution. that's why we have a house intelligence committee. >> neil: fair enough. >> then we can see the fall out from there. that's just like trying to cut it off at its legs. >> neil: but have at it. mike baker, the question is whether we can trust our intelligence agencies, those there to protect us. you've indicated in the past we
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can. but it's good to shine a light on cases where a couple of individuals might not subscribe to that, right? >> absolutely. government oversight of the institutions such as the cia, fbi. absolutely critical and it demands that congress is inquisitive, curious, aggressive in their questioning and to the degree they can without jeopardizing national security issues, their transparent with the american public. so oh and i take the point about is the rebuttal, the democrat memo, something that should be released. at this stage of the game, get it on the table with an opportunity to explain it and you know, the democrats like to talk about the cleansing beauty of sunlight. let's get sunlight on this and move on to the issues important to this country. >> neil: thank you both very much. i appreciate it. a lot of this will be known tomorrow. we'll see. meantime, the president touting today a lot of tax cuts and surprising corporate bonuses that companies are sharing
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because they're getting a lot of their money, too. but he also took a swipe at a certain former speaker. >> and then we got hit with these corporations giving tremendous bonuses to everybody, that nancy pelosi called crumbs. that could be like deplorable. does that make sense? deplorable and crumbs? she called it crumbs, when people are getting $2,000 and $3,000 and $1,000. that's not crumbs. that's a lot of money. >> neil: you know, deidra bolton, when i talked to steny hoyer, he also said the way she framed that was probably not wise. that it made -- looked a little out of touch. what is the fallout like? >> did indeed. there's some business leaders saying that exact thing. neil, you know, i went out on the street. i was asking people if they had seen a positive or negative effect from this tax cut plan. here's what i heard.
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>> i've seen like a $50 difference, $60. i was getting paid $370. $390. now it's $400. >> it was $80. awesome. >> a lot of buddies are seeing increase. >> my take home pass has increased. >> not yet. >> not yet. >> yes, i did see some pay increase. but it was not that much. about 4%, i believe. yeah. it's for the bird. >> so neil, those are people responding to this tax plan itself. more than 300 companies by our count have passed along higher wages, expanded insurance, better retirement benefits. costco the latest one. the ceo saying he's evaluating the tax plan's full benefits and he says the company is likely to invest more in its businesses and employees. so at a shareholder meeting this week, he also addressed those
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comments by house minority leader nancy pelosi. to your point, talking about the crumbs. he said he thinks that was a shame and in fact, he says her comments were not thoughtful. again, that is his word. some of the other companies passing down benefits today, lowe's following its rival home depot giving thousands of its hourly employees a one-time bonus of $1,000 due to this new tax legislation. more than 260,000 part time and full time individuals are set to receive those pay-outs. hostess also on the list saying they will be giving workers one-time bonuses of $1,250 this year, per year. and free snacks, as many as you like if you work there, neil. so if you're for twinkies or zingers or snow balls and you work for them, you're in luck.
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>> neil: wait a minute. >> the snacks are the benefits. >> neil: the snacks are the benefits? >> along with cash. >> neil: i'd say keep the 401(k) thing. >> neil cavuto that is irresponsib irresponsib irresponsib irresponsible. >> neil: it is. >> i could be paid in twinkies. >> neil: thanks very much, deidra. you hear a lot about the bonuses and all of that. this is intriguing here. we talked about companies like verizon giving stock and apple doing a version of that. what do you think of these developments when you have these extending 401(k) matches to 10% from 6% and honeywell increasing its 401(k) match to 7% from 5.5%. that's looking at the workers retirement and giving them a bump up. this is following up in a variety of ways. the reason why the international monetary fund was saying this has like a pay it forward effect
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on the economy. the jury is still out on this one. still early. still speaking, even though big companies are doing it, it's still early in the run here. this sort of thing keeps up on top of what individuals are seeing in their checks starting this months, it could be a 1-2 punch that has a number of top economists, even though not necessarily big fans of this president saying we're big fans of this. more after this. hold together. a little to the left. 1, 2, 3, push! easy! easy! easy! (horn honking) alright! alright! we've all got places to go! we've all got places to go!
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and feeling secure where you are. surround yourself with the team of breast cancer experts at cancer treatment centers of america. visit appointments available now. >> neil: all right. some big names are out with earnings after the bell including amazon. i know you were worried and jeff bezos and how he's financially making it day to day.
1:18 pm
they beat street estimates. he's about $2.5 billion richer. in the last ten minutes, the earnings came out. his market value, his self-worth is up about $2.5 billion. he's by far the richest human being on the planet. some are saying that the trajectory of just this company, this stock could rewrite the rules on how rich one individual can become. alphabet is separately out there. we're trying to digest that. that is done. it's not all that it appearses to be. the final one that we'll be watching is apple. the three big horsemen of this tech juggernaut, they'll be reporting later. but it looks like a good start to things here. in the case of alphabet of google fame and all, they're missing a little bit on the earnings front. that is one of the things that is hurting the revenues, i think. missing on revenues or earnings?
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okay. all right. in the meantime, a lot of democrats are looking already to do a repeal and replace of their own not when it comes to the healthcare law but the gop tax care law. they're responding to the tax cuts despite all of in corporate largesse. allie are here and richard, gary. one of the arguments they've been making is that companies and individuals, they're not being treated the same. these companies are getting permanent tax cuts, individuals aren't. but some of those companies are sharing that with workers. which wins out? >> well, i think when everyone starts to see, fill out their taxes and they start to see some of the refunds in coming years, the tax foundation has found benefits across the board. increase gdp, increased revenues to the government and the
1:20 pm
average person out there will see a tax decrease. so more after-tax income. it sounds like a win-win for corporations, individuals, the economy, the government. it would be silly to throw it all away. >> neil: they're not going to throw it all away. just going to target it more fairly. we don't have the exact wording here. there's variations of it. what do you through? >> i hope that they continue down this road of repeal and replace. it's wonderful. i think it's a great plan. all democratic lawmakers that are watching neil's show, keep on with this message. i think it's wonderful for republicans. i hope they continue to get a plan that is putting more money in america taxpayer's pockets. i hope that they continue to belittle the fact that they're bringing jobs back to america through the tax plan. it's great for republicans in 2018. so i hope they keep it up. >> neil: all right, richard. the question now is what the fallout will be. a lot of democrats are trying to
1:21 pm
say we were against this for a reason. obviously by saying $1,000 and this other stuff is chump change or crumbs, even they realize that that message sounded out of touch. what do you think? >> i thought for sure, neil, you're talking about how we're going to hit the debt ceiling a month sooner -- >> neil: because now you're worried about debt? >> i don't know how many times we've talked about deficits, deficits. >> neil: i don't remember you ever talking about deficits. >> what nancy pelosi was saying relative to the companies and the wealthiest of these companies are getting, yeah, $1,000 -- >> neil: they're getting something. >> it's not chump change -- >> neil: they're getting something -- >> and $1.5 trillion -- the 1.5 trillion as well -- >> neil: gary, are they getting something they didn't plan on?
1:22 pm
>> absolutely. not only the $1,000 bonuses across the board from these companies but the average person will see almost a half a percent decrease in their taxes. >> neil: all right, guys. just follow the money. more after this. first, we head to vermont. and go to our coffee shop. and meet dave. hey. why is dark magic so spell-bindingly good, he asks? let me show you. let's go. so we climb. hike. see a bear. woah. reach the top. dave says dark magic is a bold blend of coffee with rich flavors of uganda, sumatra, colombia and other parts of south america. like these mountains, each amazing on their own. but together? magical. all, for a smoother tasting cup of coffee. green mountain coffee roasters packed with goodness.
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>> this president with his vulgarity and his disrespect for women and people of color is a terrible role model for our children. whenever your parents are on tv, there should be a disclaimer that says that this may not be acceptable for children. >> neil: congresswoman, i might be able to point out some examples where i could say the same about you. take a look. >> this is a bunch of scumbags. that's what they are.
1:26 pm
with this kind of inspiration,ly go and take trump out tonight. >> neil: hmm. katie pavlich, fox news contributor. town hall editor. i don't know. what do you think? >> well, i'm going to get philosophical on you. i'm going to say that this seemed like mrs. waters is triggered and trying to find a way to handle herself and she needs to go to a safe place. this goes to the broader idea that the left holds that when you hear things that you don't like, you automatically have to censor it, get rid of it. nobody can be exposed to it and handle it in a way that is about debate, ideology, policies moving forward. she's suggesting for us that the government come in, put a disclaimer on every person's television when the president of the united states speaks. you would think that she's talking about language, she talks about the vulgarity. really it's want that she wants to sensor out his ideas which is
1:27 pm
a broader problem that the left has when it comes to hearing things that they don't like. >> neil: a lot of folks that didn't go to the president's state of the union address. that's fine. the same party that made a big deal of joe wilson you lie in the middle of a barack obama address. you can pick and choose your battles and everything else. to cite that you need to police very carefully and have warnings for people hearing the president when in fact we've heard a lot worse on the other side. i'm thinking, it's got to stop. this is stupidity. >> it is stupidity. it's a double standard. it doesn't do anything to move forward in terms of policies that are good for americans. if anything, children, people in our university system, students in high school, need to be more engaged in the political process and need to know more about history and their government. it would have been great in high school to watch the meeting that
1:28 pm
president trump held two weeks ago with the open cameras for an hour with republican and democrat lawmakers to hear about what they wanted to do with my money and my time. so this stupid double standard has to go so we can get down to business when it comes to benefitting americans of all ages, all races and all genders. >> shepard: you know, katie, we've lost the ability to talk to people. right? joni ernst had serious problems with the president's wording, the famous s-hole remarks in the white house. she took him to task on it. but she was just as quick to say though i didn't like the language not only telling the president, she doesn't think he's a racist. she won't jump to that kind of stuff. she thinks this crazy sort of extreme kind of behavior where we throw the most hellacious charges at people is getting out of control now.
1:29 pm
forget about getting work done. it's become what i'd liken to professional wrestling where everybody assumes their positions here and won't budge. >> look, a civil discussion is something that we should be embracing as a society. there's a reason why we have the first amendment. so everybody gets to say what they wish and the benefit of that is that we can come to some disagreement while having respect for each other. the respect has gone out the window. when you look at someone's argument and accuse them of having a bad person, that gets us know where when it comes to solving real difficult and emotional problems in this country. so i'm sick of it, the country is sick of it. a lot of the reason why president trump was elected in 2016 is because of this exact thing. we weren't allowed to have discussions about president obama's policies, criticizing them because we were accused of
1:30 pm
racism. so we have to get back to a civil discussion and talking. >> neil: we live in a weird word. i will never offer you folks at home dietary advice. you don't go there. neil, why are you doing that? this faux rage about oh, even in the fbi memo stuff. can't do this because it harms the fbi, coming from the same people that were ripping james comey a new one over his treatment of hillary clinton at the fbi. the same people that say we have to get disinfectants and they praise it when it was a time for the pentagon to do it, when inflating body counts in the vietnam war. the double standard on all of this is getting ridiculous. now we're pointing fingers at politicians and the words they use and the tone they take. you got to stop it, folks.
1:31 pm
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with accident forgiveness your rates won't go up just because of an accident. switching to allstate is worth it. >> neil: so you decided to come into work coughing and hacking. everybody was sick around your. your company says you're costing them big time. it's enough to make them and you sick.
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>> when we got the great tax cut
1:35 pm
bill and we call it the tax cut and jobs bill, we got that. it was like putting it all in a box and wrapping it with a beautiful ribbon. we started getting credit not only for that, but for all of the other things that we did during the year. it's amazing the way that happened. i was surprised actually. >> neil: all right. the president today crowing about the tax cuts and the gift that keeps giving. more companies indicating that they'll be sharing the wealth. to republican congressman, lee zeldon. very good to have you. obviously to your fellow republicans, that was music to their ears. they have not been able to get the message out beyond the den of the media here and critics say that it's tilted to the rich and companies. what do you say to that? >> the american people are able to decide for themselves. they are noticing that the economy is doing well. we can tell them all the different good metrics of gdp
1:36 pm
going up, consumer spending being high or low. the market setting new highs. when you feel it in your own paycheck, the other side can tell you as much as they want about how there's this alternate reality, but you have the confirmation you need assessing it for yourself and your families. people are feeling good about the economy no matter what kind of wool over their eyes some might be trying to pull. >> neil: obviously you were one of those concerned about the effect of high tax constituents and your constituents that would pay dearly for not writing off the property tax they pay. but are you surprised by what has been happening since? that even with your no vote and about a dozen others on the republican side that it is having some unexpected benefits? >> first off, i'm thrilled the economy is doing as well as it is. the economy was doing well as we were going off the route the first year of president trump's presidency and it was only -- the economy was only getting
1:37 pm
better along the way. we were seeing that with q 2, q 3, gdp numbers going up the entire year. for me, there was something on the personal income side for my district, my region. i would send a message to my state and local governments that the best way to make this tax bill on the personal income side work best for us is for all levels of government to be working on tax relief. i have a job in washington to fight for them. the tax bill is law. the corporate side of this bill is fantastic. there's a great way to make even the personal income side work in our home state and that's for our local state local governments to do their job with a tighter, more fiscally responsible budgets. >> neil: good luck on that front. but congressman, i am curious about this democratic effort where they say they want to repeal and replace the tax law. they say they want to tilt it back to middle and low class americans, not the rich. how do you feel if they want to
1:38 pm
re-visit that? let's say the house should flip and they force that point? what would you do? >> the american public doesn't want to see taxes go up. we all know that washington does not have a revenue issue. they have a spending issue. that's one of the things i was advocating for with this bill. we have a great opportunity this year looking at the spending side, especially tackling mandatory spendling sight. >> neil: so you would refight their repeal efforts? you would fight whatever effort to rescind this? >> absolutely. the tax bill is working for our country. we knew it was going to work for our country, especially because the savings on the corporate side. now we have to make the personal income side work for us. that's not the lawsuits that they're bringing. there's three states including new york that are bringing lawsuits. that's not the right way to go. finding some other way to tax people the same to get around in circumvent the federal law is not the way to go.
1:39 pm
the right way to go is to look at the fact that new york, for example, we have the same population as florida. we spend as much on medicaid as florida spends just about on entire state budget. let's don't reverse progress in washington. it's looking at down the local level. i have 123 school districts on long island where i love. a lot of taxing jurisdictions causing the problems. >> neil: a lot of your colleagues are getting out of dodge. trey gowdy is leaving. 35, by last count, prominent big names. sometimes committee chairman itself. are you worried it could get ugly this fall? >> i'm not. as long as we don't take anything for granted. if the democrats controlled the house of representatives, nancy pelosi is speaker, maxine
1:40 pm
waters, the first order of business is to bring articles of impeachment against the president. the next is single payer healthcare. the economy is good. national security is good. the way they're reacting at the state of the union, sitting on their hands, that's not what the american people want. maybe the far left activists. that's why i'm feeling good about our country and the voters will feel that way in november. >> neil: thanks for taking the time. >> thanks, kneel. >> shepard: the third of the big technology names is out. apple's stock is down a tad. iphone shipments are below estimates. you might be a little surprised by some of the 70-plus million dollar iphone sales figure here. they're inclusive of all the phones, not just the iphone x where apple announced that they're cutting back production. a little dip in apple stock after the fact. more after this. .
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>> neil: you know, whenever i have trouble with earnings coming out -- i have a brilliant staff. but charles payne who has a show on fox business network "making money, charles payne." so he has an obligation that goes beyond mine to read a prompter. he has to make you money. if he doesn't, we say good-bye. but he's good. you have to make a sense on where this momentum is going. what do you think? >> you rate me day to day, which makes me even tougher. so far so good, neil. these numbers, we started yesterday. we saw facebook and microsoft. initially both stocks were down. both had a good session today and we have a slew of numbers out moments ago. here's the thing. technology is changing the world. these are american companies. the only thing going against them, if you want to argue
1:45 pm
anything, they can be victims of their own success. the stocks are through the roof. maybe they give back. the numbers i'm seeing on amazon, $60 billion. up 38%. imagine growing a company 38% in the $60 billion range. that stock 50 points. up higher in the after market. apple is mixed. they brew them away. revenues were up nicely year over year. some quibbling over the guidance. apple was known for cautious guidance. meantime, they sold $77 million. not a big difference. what i'm concerned about, average selling price. the average phone sold for $796. $100 more than a year ago. the new phones might be selling good. >> neil: what is your sense to the argument back and forth that all of these companies, not just these names, they're benefitting
1:46 pm
disproportionately from the tax cut and that royals a lot of people, particularly democrats, that say they're the greedy sobs getting the money? >> we should applaud these companies. with apple, people look at sales in china. with the new tax bill, they're bringing back hundreds of billions of dollars. that money will go into our society, will empower and improve the lives of people. not just the direct investment that make in their employees but in buildings and things like that. so i don't know where we got to this point, where we started to be grudge great american companies. i love them. they represent us well around the world and hope to give us leadership for a long time to come. >> there's been a big concern. even the white house, you talked to them as well, they're surprised that so many companies are doing this. they hope it continues. this could have a demonstrative
1:47 pm
effect on the company. is it too soon to tell? what do you think? >> it's not too soon to tell. i put out a tweet for people to tell me if they're seeing money in their checks already and what they're doing with it. most people are putting it into their 401(k)s. some people are putting it in the market. other people are catching up on bills. it's going to last. the bonus part, people spend right away. the higher minimum wages, the paid maternity leave, they're part of a corporate culture. it's a win-win and will have a positive impact on our company. >> neil: and i love what hostess is doing. giving out twinkies. >> they credited you for the bridge and then the tax cuts. >> neil: as i always say, you're welcome, america. good seeing you again. can't wait till the show. she's going to crunch this out at 6:00 p.m. on fox business network. the flu is spreading. by the way, you are the reason.
1:48 pm
a doctor here to say stop being the reason after this.
1:49 pm
1:50 pm
1:51 pm
>> neil: are you one of those brave souls that sticks it out when you're really sick as a dog? i do that a lot. i always feel guilty if i don't -- if i'm not here. i think america needs me, you need me. so i don't want to risk you losing me. apparently that's a bad thing to do, bad for productivity. not only is your boss furious about it because you're making people think -- so is your doctor. we have a good one here. here in the flesh, dr. debby is here from new york school of medicine. she's big into pain and management and she's saying that the kind of stuff that i do, not wise, right?
1:52 pm
>> not wise. i feel that way, too. once you're sick, you have a high chance of infecting other people. you might try to take steps of being cautious. just being around them, touching door knobs, touching the shared devices like cell phones, computers, keyboards. it's so easy to spread the germs around and make everybody else sick. >> neil: my floor director is n invincib invincible. and you're saying that's what is hurt progress ducki-- hurting productivity. so what do you do? you got to make it in. you're okay enough to be in. what do you do? >> so i think there's a few things. if there's an option to work from home, so if you think you might be sick or a question of that or you are sick, try to work from home. so as a small -- >> neil: the only guy we have doing that is brit hume.
1:53 pm
i tried to do it from west palm beach. not an option. cancel that. next? >> if the employer can provide alcohol swabs, hand sanitizer -- >> neil: i thought you said alcohol. alcohol swabs. got you. >> so on your door knobs, entrances, et cetera. so try incentivized flu shots. if you're an employee -- it takes a couple weeks for it to kick in, for the flu shot to work. flu season goes until the end of march. some people say even may. >> neil: wow. >> yeah. >> neil: i know people that take it and had the flu shot and still get sick. >> it can still happen. it's not absolute. the estimates have been 40% to 60% of the time it's effective of protecting you. the number goes up if the people around you have also gotten the flu shot. so the more people get it, the less chance it has of breaking into the crowd or group. if you're an employer, if you're
1:54 pm
a large employer, you can offer the flu shot or incentivize people. you can say if you get the shot, we'll give you a bonus. rather than going to the doctor's office, if you can get it at a pharmacy, might be better just because if you think about a primary care physicians office, you have sick people in the waiting room. if you're healthy, you may get the flu shot but may still get exposed to sick people in the waiting area. >> neil: how do you handle it? you're pregnant. you said you're nine months. >> exactly. >> neil: could be birthing a child here. but you have to be super careful. >> yeah, it's concerning. i always wash my hands. we have all of these different sterile proceediers. in the hospital setting, there's specific risks. for example, men's ties, doctor's ties. when they lean over patients, they can get more germs on the ties that way. certain settings you can
1:55 pm
institute a dress code. didn't wear ties, don't shake hands. wave hello. different types of things. we use laptops rather than shared computers so people can move around with their own laptop and not have people touching them, getting exposed to things. >> neil: seems like a particularly bad year. others say no, seems that way. but we've seen virulent strains and otherwise healthy people being sick. >> this specific strain, h3-n2, this strain doesn't cover well. but even if you get exposed or infected, it can spread to other people more at risk. that's the real danger. >> neil: you need to sleep, need fluids. >> exactly. if you think you might be sick, it's better to go in right away. you can get tamiflu or other
1:56 pm
medications that might accelerate it and keep you healthy if you have other medical conditions that might get out of control if you get infected. >> neil: good luck on your first baby. hope it works out. i had a fear somebody would happen here. >> at least i'm a doctor. >> neil: you're ready to go. thank you very much. all right. we have more after this. the dow down 37 points. previewing what could be interesting developments tomorrow. julie is living with metastatic breast cancer which is breast cancer that has spread to other parts of her body. she's also taking prescription ibrance with an aromatase inhibitor, which is for postmenopausal women with hormone receptor positive her2- metastatic breast cancer as the first hormonal based therapy. ibrance plus letrozole was significantly more effective at delaying disease progression versus letrozole.
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well, that seems fair. we didn't use it. wish we got money back on gym memberships. get money back hilarious. with claim-free rewards. switching to allstate is worth it. >> neil: regarding paul ryan talking about the memo tomorrow. reminding folks it is not an indictment of your parent or department of justice. what it is his congresses legitimate function of oversight which of the pfizer process would be used correctly. so everyone has been arguing that it's the opposite and grading a potential crisis, that seems to be the speaker's way of saying read it for yourself. see it for yourself. you will understand that's not the case. the back-and-forth in the
2:00 pm
recriminations on this continue. what effect it has on trading tomorrow, anyone's guess. this weekend, we're going to have house judiciary chairman committee on. >> kimberly: and can really go far with juan williams, jesse watters, dana perino, and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five" ." tonight, new developments in the showdown over a classified memo on a large surveillance abuses by the fbi and the russia investigation. president trump is expected to approve the release of the documents after agreeing to some read actions at the fbi's request. it could be declassified possibly by tomorrow morning. this afternoon, speaker paul ryan advocated for its release as long as sources and methods are revealed. >> let me tell


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